Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life according to my 3 year old~at least for tonight!

So I'm sitting at the computer trying to work on my vacation blog entry when Thomas comes up to me...each kid had come at least once with one reason or another why they couldn't go to bed!

Thomas said, "Give me some scgoose bumps!" So we went over to the couch and snuggled up. While I gave him some goose bumps this is how our conversation went...

THOMAS: I need something to chew with Andrew. (That's what it sounded like to me.)

ME: Like what? Some gum?

THOMAS: No! Like a GUN! So I can shoot bullets at him!!!

ME: Ohhh!

Andrew has been shooting everyone with his nerf guns all summer long!

THOMAS: What's in grass?

ME: Grass, dirt, bugs...

THOMAS interrupts: NO!! FROGS!!! Bugs wive up in the sky! They fly up and dey wive dere. As Thomas moves his hand up into the air and waves his fingers!

THOMAS again: Bugs are too big to wive in the grass!

Lately we've found some HUGE grasshoppers that are as big as the palm of my hand!!!

This is a grasshopper that Thomas found for me in our backyard before we left for Utah! And I thought the bugs in TEXAS were BIG!!! WOW!!!


THOMAS: The river is getting wittle! The water will go away!

He and Andrew made a river out under the tree...they connected one big hole in the dirt with another hole, thus a wittle river! :) It's rained here nearly every day since we've been home so there is plenty of mud and water around!


THOMAS: We saw a wizard. And den we chased it. And den it knocked the house. And den a toad was under der!!!

Some time, today maybe, I guess Thomas (and Andrew ?) saw a lizard and chased it. I guess the lizard bumped the bird house we have outside under the big oak where the kids like to play. Under the birdhouse there must have been a toad hiding!

I know I'm forgetting a few of the details here and there but this is the jist of it! :)

Some other funny things Thomas has said this weekend:

"He's still real!!!" ~ The frog/toad is still alive!!! :)

"It's raining the wrong way!" ~ It was raining out our front door, but not out our back door. So Thomas opened the backdoor and went out to play! :)

So I wonder what else goes on in Thomas' little head all day long??? Pretty entertaining, that's for sure!!! :)

This is how I left him, except he was still awake. I used the old trick, "Gotta go Potty" to get away. If I hadn't, I'd probably be still giving him scgoose bumps!!!

Oh, when he came downstairs and asked me to give him "scgoose bumps," he reported to me:

"Aimee calls them 'scratch bumps'!"

Probably because instead of just doing goose bumps the whole time you have to stop and scratch too! Hmmm, maybe that's where Thomas gets the "SC" for his "scgoose bumps"???

Well, it's getting late and the vacation entry will have to wait! Maybe I'll get it done tomorrow!


Stephanie said...

Hilarious! It's so cute how much he loves frogs! ;)

Melissa said...

Holy cow...that grasshopper is big. In general I am okay with bugs but if I saw that thing I think I would actual be nervous and possibly scream (which I have never done yet). What fun age for Thomas. He is getting big so fast.

Leah Prince said...

I like how he thinks its raining the wrong way. If if would just RAIN here, any direction would be fine.

Chris, T and Kate said...

Oh I miss cute Thomas!!