Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Changing Seasons

Life revolves around seasons...but in Louisiana the first hint of new leaves on the trees doesn't mean SPRING IS ON THE WAY...

Here is our yard flag and you need a BIG BOW for the mailbox!!!
You also need a MARDI GRAS garland around your front door!!!
and some PURPLE, GREEN AND GOLD in the flower pots too!!  :)
I'd have to say, the garland turned out pretty cute!  :)
Our first Mardi Gras parades were a hit!!  We ventured out to the Mandeville parades with some friends from church.  We had a great time...sorry no pictures of the was too dark.  You'll just have to come visit next year and see for yourself have cool it is!!!  :)
Thomas and his THROWS from the parade!!  
Aimee scored this super long necklace...look it is almost as long as Aimee!!  :)
Some of our beads sorted by color...
Some of our beads rainbow style!!  :)
Some of our beads were still all bunched together like these!!  :)
Mattie got some fun THROWtoo!!  :)
Bethany was at the end of the parade route with her friends.  Here are all the bead she got!!!  
It was also TOOTH FAIRY season at our house!!!  Mattie, Andrew & Aimee have been loosing teeth like crazy!!!  
Oh and we had VALENTINE'S DAY too!
Unfortunately, Valentine's Day sort of takes a back seat in Louisiana!!!  Most people are caught up with all the MARDI GRAS festivities!!  
The kids were excited for some VALENTINE'S DAY candy!

Mattie & Aimee had fun going through Thomas' VALENTINE'S DAY box with him!  
This is what the top of Thomas'VALENTINE'S DAY box looked like it!!  He designed it himself!!  :)
Here are some of our  MARDI GRAS inside!  :)
With a little VALENTINE'S DAY on the kitchen table!  :)
The best way to celebrate the MARDI GRAS season is with KING CAKE!!!  :)
The KING CAKE from Manny Randazzo (above) is one of the best in town!!!  The kind with cream cheese filling is our favorite!!!  YUM YUM YUM!!!  :)
This year we made our own!!!  They turned out super yummy too!!!  :)

Can't wait to do it all again next year!!!  :)


Leah Prince said...

Brings back memories. We were only lucky enough for 1 Mardi Gras season. It was very interesting. Still have a few of the necklaces. Joe was the only one who got to go to the big parade in Nola.

Melissa said...

It is always fun to have an extra holiday to decorate for!! Looks like it was really fun...

Anne said...

Next year I'll have to take pictures of how the neighborhood decorates!!! Some people go all out!!!