Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching up...Part 1

Now that school has started again, I'm hoping that I can get caught up on my blog! Andrew just said, "Wow you are way behind. That is from way last year. It's scary how behind you are!!! :)

Spring 2011 :)

Here are some of our highlights...

Spring=yard work. We had a bunch of sand delivered...why do we buy so much work for ourselves???? The sand was to fill in some of our low spots in our lawn, especially our mini swamp!! Of course the kids had a blast playing on the huge sand pile! There was even enough sand to make a little sand pile in the back once the low spots were filled in. If only we could get the grass to grow back!!!
I had some pansies, tulips and daffodils in my pots out front. One day, Thomas decided that they needed a little more color...
On Tuesdays and Thursdays...non school days...Thomas loved helping me in the garden after the kids left for school. Each morning, once we got started with our gardening Thomas' agenda would soon change...he would quickly shift gears to creating a RIVER!!! He would turn the hose on and fill the trench around my flower bed where we were working!!! Of course this was never a very clean activity!! :)
Mattie and the whole 2nd grade did a President's day Program! They did an amazing job!!! Mattie had a speaking part too!
Thomas had a "show off" day at pre-school where they displayed all the skills they had mastered. :) Thomas went to Tiny Tumbler's Pre-school...which was run by Northshore Gymnastics.
Thomas also decided it was time to take the training wheels off his bike! He did it!!! :)
Andrew had a party after his reading class finished studying about Greek Mythology! :)
Aimee supported the Texas Rangers for favorite team t-shirt day! :) Since the kids have to wear uniforms to school everyday, when they get a day off it is pretty exciting!! :)
Spring=more daylight and warmer evenings!! Which lead to fun times!!! Including a fun family five hundred game...of course Missy had to play too!! :)

And of course we had our Spring/April birthdays!!! :) :) :)
April 15th:
April 18th:
April 21st:


Gardner Family said...

Love seeing pictures of your family. Bella liked listening to Mattie doing her President Day part.

Leah Prince said...

Busy summer. Glad you got to come to Austin too. We had such a great time.

Zogg said...

It is fun to see the things you did throughout the year. Hope the new school year is going well.