Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mardi Gras with the COUSINS!!! :)

Our second weekend of Mardi Gras fun started on Friday, March 4th when Edd's brother Dan and Melissa's family to visit! We had hoped to take them to the ORPHEUS PARADE in Mandeville, but it was pouring rain and it took FOREVER for Dan and Melissa and their boys to arrive. So we just played around at the house Friday night. It was also just POURING rain outside so it wouldn't be any fun to go parading.

Saturday, Bethany went across the lake to help park cars and go parading! The rest of us went to the Maritime Museum in Madisonville. It was really cool!! The kids thought it was a lot of fun! When we first arrived, we had to get a picture of the kids on the HUGE ANCHOR!!
Then the was a contest to see who could pick up the most GIANT LINKS!!
I think Uncle Dan won, but Andrew came pretty close!

We enjoyed looking at all the different light house models...
and learning about life in the early days of Madisonville!!
There was even a cool submarine like boat!!
We lucked out and found a few SWAMP MONSTERS outside!! :)
For lunch we headed to our favorite spot: BEAR'S!! What a treat to have those delicious Po-Boys again!! :

The rain caught up to us again! It was WORSE THAN POURING when we got done with lunch!! So the dads ran as fast as they could to get our cars and pick us up. We all ended up pretty wet.

Our next stop was the bowling alley!! The kids had a blast trying to knock the pins down! Sometimes they even got some STRIKES!!

Our last stop was to get a treat at the POPCORN BISTRO!! Yum!!! :) Sorry no pictures...but just imagine, bucket after bucket of popcorn...flavored any way you can imagine!! Our picks for the day were: Nerds, Mississippi Mud Pie, Rainbow, King Cake, Rainbow, Peanut Butter Chocolate. YUM, YUM, YUM!!! :)

It was so fun to visit with all Dan and Melissa's boys and get to know them better, especially little SAM!
Thomas had so much fun playing with George, Ben and Henry!! He had been waiting FOREVER to play with them!

All the cousins had a blast playing together!! :)

Thanks for coming to visit us!!! :)

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