Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Our summer started off with lots of fun!

Here and Mattie, Thomas and Andrew with our volcano!! It was VOLCANO WEEK!! :) One of Thomas' favorite things right now is volcanos!! So we endulged him by making one! The kids had so much fun!!
Working hard to creat the perfect volcano~
Meanwhile, Bethany was off at GIRLS CAMP! She had a great time and was able to make some new friends.
Here are the girls from our ward who went:
Angel, Bethany, Faith, Lexi, Annie, Laura, Aubrey, and Tiffany :)
Lexi and Annie had just barely met everyone!!! Their family moving into the ward!! They'd arrived from Arkansas hours before they were to head off to camp!
Bethany and Annie really hit it off since they are both April girls...Bethany's b-day is on the 18th and Annie's is the 19th!!! :)
Here's Bethany loading up her stuff. She's pretty excited for her adventure! :)

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