Monday, August 23, 2010

R U A Louisi-ALIEN?

Well, all good things must come to an end...and such is true with summer. Our last week of summer was spent getting ready for school. The most exciting part was "Meet and Greet!" Aimee and Mattie were the only ones who got to meet their teachers this year...


Mattie is in 2nd grade now and her teacher is Ms Cyprian!

Ms C yprian seems to be a very fun teacher. Mattie was hoping that she would get Ms Cyprian so she was very happy!


Aimee is in 4th grade now and has 2 teachers!

This is Aimee with Mrs Danenhauer, who teaches Aimee in the morning. Mrs D teaches Language Arts, Social Studies, etc.

This is Aimee with her other teacher, Mrs Arroyo who teaches Math and Science, etc in the afternoon. Aimee was excited because one of her buddies from last, Ainsley, is in her class this year! :)


Our first school morning started really early!!! Bethany had to leave for Early Morning Seminary at 5:40am! So here she is a few minutes before she left:

Bethany is a sophomore this year at MANDEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL! Bethany is lucky and doesn't have to wear uniforms to school. :)

Seminary ends at 6:50. Bethany gets a ride to the high school with the kids that go to her high school. I think there are 6 of them that go together to school...5 girls and 1 boy.

High school starts around 7:30 am and gets out at 2:36 pm. Bethany rides the bus home and would get home around 3:12 pm but her bus route just changed. Instead of being one of the first stops, she is one of the last now. She gets home at more like 3:20 pm.

Mattie was next to leave. We went outside around 6:45, just so we wouldn't miss the bus. Mattie's school colors are navy and white. Mattie decided that white was the color for the day! They have to wear khacki on bottom.

One of the nice things about being up so early is we get to see beautiful sunrises! This is what it looked like when Mattie was waiting for her bus to come!

Here is Mattie waiting for her bus to come! We didn't have to wait long. The bus came at about 7:03. The bus usually comes now around 6:53. Mattie's school starts around 7:30 am. She gets back on the bus around 2:10 and doesn't get home until around 3:45 pm!

Poor Thomas wasn't used to getting up this early! So he slept through Mattie leaving. He woke up just in time to say good-bye to Andrew and Aimee!
Here are Andrew and Aimee! All ready to head out the door! Their school colors are Yellow and Black. So they can wear yellow or white polos and khacki on the bottom.
Aimee is starting school over at the junior high this year! They have 4-8 at the junior high. Andrew is starting 6th grade, which is officially Junior High!

We went out to wait for their bus around 7:15. Look how beautiful the sky was by then! :)
To pass the time, Andrew practiced his pogo stick! Aimee decided to borrow my backpack for the day. We ordered her a new one, but it didn't arrive till Aimee was at her first day of school. So she had it for her 2nd day of school. It is a cute backpack with like a Hawaiian print that is pink and navy!

We ended up waiting quite a while for their bus to show up!!!
Bella even came out to wait with the kids! :) She got all cozy with Andrew for a few minutes!!!
Bella curled up next to Andrew's arm! She likes sleeping with Andrew at night sometimes!

After about 20 minutes of waiting, Andrew decided to climb up on his lookout point to check out things...
Finally, Mr Greg ~ the bus driver started around our corner! It was almost 7:50!!! Guess the bus route really changed this year! He used to come around 7:20-7:25. Good thing their school doesn't start until 8:31 am! Andrew and Aimee get out of school at 3:31 pm. They ride the bus home too. Their bus drops them off at around 4:10 pm.
Even though it was only August 9th, as I walked back into the house after Andrew and Aimee got on the bus, I found these two leaves on the grass!!! Wow, guess the trees are getting tired of summer too! Mabye FALL will come early this year?!?

Our second week of school had its ups and downs. It was a little easier to get up but we had a lost homework folder and a missed bus...not in the same day either.

Saturday, Andrew and Aimee were in on my bed and we were talking about how school is going. The kids were so glad that they aren't the new kids anymore! Then we got talking about how someone asked Aimee why she doesn't talk like she moved her from Texas. Which lead to what you are called when you live in Louisiana.

If you are from Utah you are a Utahn, if you are from Texas you are a Texan. If you are from Houston you are a Houstonian. So if you are from Louisiana you are a Louisi....Aimee had a hard time saying Louisianan...sounded more like Louisi-ALIEN! SO we decided that we liked Louisi-ALIEN!!!

We live in Louisiana, but we weren't born here. We love living here, we love the food, we love the people, we love everything, pretty much, about Louisiana, but we definitely are not Louisianan. Guess we are definitely Louisi-ALIEN!! :)

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