Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Countdown

About six weeks ago, I was asked a very important question by a very inquisitive little boy, "Momma, how many more days until my birfday?"

After hearing this question numerous times since we had all our January birthdays, I decided it was time to help Thomas see how many days.

So we made a BIG calendar that counted down til Thomas BIG DAY!!! Unfortunately there were 42 more days left...


After 1 cousin being born, 2 holidays ~ St Patrick's Day & Easter, 3 fun filled days with the Greenwoods, 4 family adventures, 5 days at church, 6 gymnastics classes, 7 days off from school...not including the weekends, 8 days playing with Spring least, and a whole bunch of family birthdays...cousins', aunt's, uncle's, Grandma Cutler's, Daddy's and Bethany''s almost the BIG DAY!!!!

Today, is Thomas' last day to be 3! :)

Thomas is such a fun little boy! His enthusiasm and excitement for LIFE...including critters and creepy contagious! :)

At times, these past few weeks, Thomas wasn't quite sure he wanted to grow up. Here are a few examples of some of our conversations:

Thomas: Momma, I don't want to get BIG.
Me: Why not?
Thomas: I want to stay this wittle!

another day~

Thomas: Momma, I don't want to get BIG.
Me: Why not?
Thomas: I don't want to be a dad.
Me: Why don't you want to be a dad?
Thomas: I don't want to go to work. It's BORING!!!

another day~

Thomas: Momma, I don't want to get BIG.
Me: Why don't you want to be big?
Thomas: I want to be this size....I want to be as BIG AS ANDREW!!! Can you tell Andrew to stop growing so I can know when I am his size???

Whether I like it or not, Thomas is growing up! He used to be my "VELCRO CHILD" and wouldn't leave my side! Now he has become very independent!! Just today, we were at the park for playgroup, he told me not to follow him...that he didn't need me and I just needed to stay where I was!!!

The day that "the kids" (Bethany, Andrew, Aimee & Mattie) went back to school after Spring Break, Thomas woke up right before Andrew left for school. Once Andrew left, Thomas asked where the rest of the kids were. I told them they were already at school and said, "It's just you and me!" Thomas used to love it when I'd say that and get excited and giggle and say something cute back, but this particular morning, Thomas scrunched his face up and said, "I don't like you. You're BORING!"

He spent the rest of the week playing ALL DAY LONG with the neighbor kids, who go to private school, and were having their Spring Break! One day Thomas played with them from 9:30 till I took him with me to run errands. We were gone just a couple of hours. Once we got back, Thomas was back playing as soon as he could get out of the van! He played until it got dark! I'm glad he is starting to play with the neighbors and make new friends! :)

Yesterday, Thomas impressed the kids by pouring his own breakfast cereal and milk...and did it without even spilling!!! This was the first time he'd done it on his own too!!! The kids thought it was pretty amazing!!! :)

Occasionally, Thomas still likes me. He usually brings me a flower from the garden each day! One day, I just happened to look out the window and saw Thomas looking at different clover flowers, but then he stopped and went over to the rose bush. He picked a rose and brought it in to me...what a sweetheart!

Thomas has been so excited to see frogs again!!! There was one particularly large frog that had eluded everyone Thomas had elisted to capture it. One morning last week, he was bound and determined to catch that frog. Starting right after Andrew got on the bus...about 7:30am...Thomas was checking on the frog and he'd come give me a report. After a couple of hours, Thomas was so anxious to catch that frog!!! He asked me to come help.

After a few failed attempts and waiting for the frog to emerge from his hiding place for hours...literally...I stealthily stuck my hand into the muddy water, which was inside the metal pipe, underneath our neighbor's driveway, and snatched that frog before he could hop away again!!! Thomas was so excited!!! I was his hero for the day!!!! Or at least for the moment! :)

Thomas and I have had so many grand adventures these past few years! It's a little sad to see him grow up, but I'm excited for him to learn and do new things! :)

So here are some pictures of the April birthday bunch. I can't figure out how to drag them where I want them on my laptop. I usually do that on the desktop computer, but it is in a COMA right now...

Thomas loves to help everyone open their presents! Here he is helping Bethany! :)

Here is Bethany after church! Her friends gave her a surprise birthday party during Sunday School! We surprised her on Saturday with a new trampoline! :)

Thomas loves to help blow out birthday candles too! It's good practice for him! :) Big Edd is turning 40 and litte Edd is turning 04!

Here is Thomas and his calendar we made to count down to his birthday!

This Bethany with her violin teacher, Lauren. Lauren's birthday is April 3rd! Bethany and Lauren have quite a bit in common! :) Lauren even likes Bethany's random socks! :)

Happy Birthday Edd! He has had fun letting the kids know that he's old and wise!!! :) Since we have 3 birthdays 3 days apart from each other, we try to pick fun birthday desserts! Edd requestd homemade strawberry shortcake! Bethany requested poppyseed cake! Thomas requested a huge waterfall, jungle cake with a hippo!

The April Birthday Bunch!!! Here is Edd on his actual birthday which was Thursday. He had to pick Bethany up from her GNOYO orchestra practice. They didn't get home till after 8pm. We celebrated his birthday on Friday. Edd made us some yummy crawfish etoufee! :)

Here is Bethany with her birthday cake! Thomas helped me put the candles on and this is how they ended up! :) She looks pretty good for being 51 doesn't she! :)


Leah Prince said...

I want to come to your house. All the cakes sound/look delicious. I hope Thomas can wait just a few more hours. It is hard that he is last.

Chris, T and Kate said...

You are the cutest mom Anne! Way to catch that frog! I love it. Thanks for all the fun updates. Thomas is so funny!

M&M said...

Tell everyone Happy Birthday!!!! And the countdown calendar is super cute!