Thursday, March 11, 2010

Farewell Winter! :)

We had a great time watching the Winter Olympics! Some of our favorite events to watch were snowboarding ~ Shaun White was AMAZING, GIRLS figure skating and ice dancing, ski jumping - aerials!!! We also enjoyed cross-country skiing! What a good time! We spent many nights together as a family on the couch watching, cuddling, and even did some snoozing! :)

Some Olympic thoughts:
~Boys should definitely not by figure skaters!!!
~Curling is a sport???
~Halfpipe is incredible!!!
~What do all the 2nd, 3rd & 4th BOBSLED riders do???
Watching the Olympics inspired Aimee to play ice she is arriving at her competition...

Here she is ready to perform!!! I guess being born in January helps endure the cold temps outside! It wasn't very warm while Aimee was out! It was only in the 50's but temperature is all relative!!! Once you've endured weeks of 30's, temps in the 50's feel WARM...right?!?

Mattie also skated! Here they are at their medals ceremony!

Another Olympic hopeful??? Thomas started gymnastic this year! He seems to really enjoy it! Here is he is with his teacher Ms Debbie! He's learning how to do a cartwheel! :)

Andrew had a fun scouting month in February! Our ward had their PINEWOOD DERBY! Andrew's car came in 2nd overall! He was pretty excited!!!

Max (L) got 3rd place, Andrew got 2nd, and Hunter (R) got 1st! I was proud of all the scouts!!! They all did a great job! Sometimes I miss being with the boys. I got called to work with the Young Women back in January.

Here is Andrew at the BLUE and GOLD banquet! :)

MARCH 1st was an exciting day!!! It was pretty windy! There's a crack under our front door that makes the wind howl when it's really windy! As I was making dinner, the kids were talking about how windy it was and comparing it to when we had Hurricane Ike! The wind was pretty strong and bending the trees quite a bit! Aimee said the it was because MARCH comes...

It sure did this year!!! All of the sudden, everything went DARK!!!

Luckily, we have a gas cook top and I was almost done cooking dinner! The kids didn't really want to eat in the dark, but we had our camping lanterns. I told them it was like when we had Hurricane Ike or when we go camping.

After dinner, Bethany entertained us with some piano by candle light! :)

The blue glow on her arm is from her cell phone! :)

After Edd got home from work, he started a fire in the fireplace and we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores! :)

We had a great time relaxing in the dark, but were very thankful the power was back on by morning so we could get ready! :)

It finally looks like SPRING!!! The leaves are starting to come out on the trees! We've enjoyed "POPCORN" trees for a couple of weeks now! Edd and Bethany both commented today that there is more color on the trees now than there is in the fall! It is a very beautiful sight! :) We have been enjoying our short visit with the Robins. They will be soon leaving us and heading up north. We've also been enjoying beautiful weather! It finally stopped raining and it has actually been WARM!!! :) It has been so nice to have the windows open! :) It is still pretty windy...which is nice too, but now our whole world is covered in a light yellow dust! :)

We are counting down weeks till summer...8 left!!! Why much SPRING be so short?????

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