Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Break

You know you've had a great break when you loose track of which day it is!!!
The other day I was thinking it was Saturday, but it was actually Friday!!! The next day, Edd asked me, "Is today Saturday?" I had to stop and think for a minute before I answered!
We had a wonderful Christmas Break! I'm sad that it is over, but a little anxious to get back to the norm. Here are some of the fun things we did:
We went into New Orleans and went to the WWII Museum!
Aimee wasn't too thrilled about driving across Lake Pontchartrain. She told us that she didn't like listening to the "kathunk kathunk kathunk" the whole way.

Once we got to the museum most of us had a good time!

The displays were very well done. I think our favorite part was the D-Day area. This picture is of Andrew and Mattie looking at some of the boats and planes that attacked that morning.
The big transport boats were designed and built here in New Orleans!
Christmas Eve!
Edd cooked up a yummy turkey for us...he'd planned on grilling the turkey, but it rained most of the day. So the turkey ended up in the oven, but came out super yummy!!! :)

After our Christmas Eve dinner, we acted out the Christmas Story. Mattie was Mary, Aimee was the Angel, Thomas was a shepherd, Andrew was Joseph and the donkey, and Bethany was the narrator.

It seems like each year there is something that stands out from our quick re-enactment. This year it was Thomas and his little lamb! Thomas kept throwing his little lamb up and tossing it all around. He was pretty entertained by the little lamb and didn't care about participating in the Christmas Story.

I kept trying to take a picture of Thomas he kept moving faster than my camera could handle....

Finally...I got a good picture!! :)

After the Christmas Story, the kids opened their traditional pj presents...don't they look cute!?!

Christmas Day! :)
The kids were up and checking out their Santa goodies right at 6:30!!! I was hoping that they would sleep in like we'd been doing all week, but I think they were a little too anxious!
This was the year that Thomas loved helping everyone unwrap their presents!!!

About a week earlier, while Bethany and I were outside trying to re-hang the Christmas lights , Thomas took all the presents from under the tree up to his room and unwrapped everysingle one!!!

Luckily there were only a few presents under the tree...the cousin gifts and a few from Grandma Cutler!

Christmas is when we let Andrew get out his train sets. He likes to take the Christmas candy and put onto the train to deliver to the spectators.
Well, Thomas caught the train bug BIG TIME!!! He ended up playing with ALL of his trains.

One day, after church, I found Thomas loading up his Fisher Price train with candy. He would deliver it to me, since I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready! :) What a sweetie!!

The rest of the week was a train bonanza for Thomas!!! He pulled out his motorized set of Thomas the Tank Engine trains. We set up the waterfall track for him to play with for a few days. Thomas was in train heaven! :)
On New Years Eve, Thomas put a super long track wrapped all the way around the couch! This picture is only one side of the train! Thomas also connected all of his trains and cars together and pulled them all around the family room.

Andrew laid down next to the long train to measure it. It was the length of Andrew, plus about 2 more feet!!! Now that is a LONG train!!!

Thomas also ended up getting out the little set of Thomas trains and played with that for a few days too!
We are still currently playing with trains! Thomas realized that he LOVED MURDOCH, but his Murdoch wasn't with his little trains. We've been looking everywhere...but where could he be??? Thomas hadn't played with Murdoch and the little trains since last there's no telling where he could be...especially since we moved!!! HMMM...where could he be???

Yesterday, while we were at Target, Thomas spied a Murdoch train!!! We ended up leaving with it. As we were walking out, Thomas said something to the effect that he was glad that all his talking worked!!! He had to do much convincing that he NEEDED this Murdoch!!! Of course the ONLY Murdoch was the wooden one! (We don't own the wooden Thomas set and Thomas is super stubborn!!!) Luckily, we still have the old wooden train set that was Andrews when he was little! Thomas has been in heaven since! :)


We spent a lot of our free time playing at the park, enjoying the nice weather! A couple of times we went to the "alligator park" (the park where the alligator festival was at) and we also went to the neighborhood park a few times too! Even Missy enjoyed getting out with Bethany a few times! :)

Edd had fun using his free time to take pictures! Aimee had fun jumping out of the swing so Edd could capture her flying through the air!


New Years Eve was spent playing on the wii. I even got a chance to try it out! I did the sword fighting and the 100 pin bowling. I ended up with the TOP SCORE in 100 pin bowling! :)

We went outside for a little while and watched the neighborhood fireworks from our driveway! They put on a great fireworks show! The fireworks started around 6:30 and went in spurts until about 12:30! We had to get all snuggled up in blankets and the kids used their new sleeping bags too!

After watching the fireworks, we went in to get warm and watched a movie! The movie ended up putting the kids to sleep before the New Year was official. Bethany had been at a party, but got home a little before midnight. She and I stepped out to watch the FIREWORK FINALE...pretty impressive for neighborhood fireworks!!! :)


Our new year started with race to clean the house! The Knights were coming to stay at our house for the weekend! :)

Aimee got her room clean and wanted a friend to come over. Catherine was the lucky one! She and Aimee are in the same class at school and have violin class together too! Aimee and Catherine are like two peas in a pod! They are so cute together! We went to the neighborhood park to play for awhile and had hot chocolate when we got back to the house! :)


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