Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We had a BIG OOPS at our house the other day!

Andrew let his curiosity get the better of him...there was an orange power cord hanging down from the lights that must have been screaming..."ANDREW GRAB ME and PLAY WITH ME!!!" Because that's exactly what Andrew did.

I tried to tell him to stop, but I was too late...all of the sudden, the lights started to fall off the roof!!! Andrew and I watched in horror!!! Luckily, only a section of lights fell off and not all of them!!!

This is how the house looked before the accident...BEAUTIFUL!

Unfortunately, I'm afraid of heights. I tried several times to climb up the big ladder, giving myself a pep-talk the whole time. But I could only get up half way. I decided that if I put the ladder up by the garage, instead of by the front door, it wouldn't be so bad because it's not as high, but same story...could only get up about half way.
So I called Andrew back outside. Since he's the one who made the lights fall down, I figured he should be the one to get them back up. Andrew climbed the ladder just fine, but he couldn't get the lights to stay put. He gave up.
PLAN B...have Bethany try! Bethany had no problem climbing the ladder and decided to start by the front door to get the highest part out of the way first. She got the lights to stay and we slowly moved around the corner and over to the garage. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves and were almost done! We had about 2 feet of lights left to hang when the unthinkable happened...the lights all fell off AGAIN!!!!!
It was too late to try again so we cleaned everything up and went inside. Edd had hoped to hang the lights on Saturday, but it just rained and rained and rained!!! If you haven't heard, I think we got about 14 inches of rain this weekend. Maybe this weekend Edd will get the lights back up...or Bethany may beat him too it...she hates not having them up, but has been too busy studying for finals to try again.

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